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NA Sales is announcing Online Catalog (Some Dishes, Kitchen Utensils, and Take Out Containers only)
We will continue working on more products as we developed the site.

2017 November. 8: Updated HOME page - November Update
2017 October. 2: Updated HOME page - October Update
2017 September. 6: Updated HOME page - September Update
2017 August. 9: Updated HOME page - August Update
2017 June. 21: Updated HOME page - June Update
2017 May.4: Updated HOME page - Restaurant Show 2017 and May MONTHLY PICK
2017 April.11: Updated HOME page - April MONTHLY PICK
2017 March.2: Updated HOME page - March MONTHLY PICK
2017 February.2: Updated HOME page - February MONTHLY PICK
2017 January.3: Updated HOME page - January MONTHLY PICK

Bring Japan Closer

We have been an importer-wholesale distributor in San Francisco, Northern California area for over 40 years.   We carry more than 4000 products including Asian food, Japanese premium sake, shochu, dishes, Chinaware,Masamoto knives, takeout containers, oriental goods, and other restaurant supplies.  We have organized annual Restaurant Show in June.

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